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Roll Up Doors Direct Model 3100 Door

This 16 x 8 Model 3100 is our certified wind load rated rolling sheet door (Wind Rated up to 16 feet wide) that meets specified wind loads required by even the most stringent building codes.

Base Size: 16'-00 wide X 8'-00 high

Sale Price: $2215

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Configure Your Roll Up Door

Select Color: White

Hover mouse cursor over colors for names. *Premium colors add $40 to the base door price.

What material are you mounting to? Wood

Frame Material

Track Specifications: Please make sure you Select the correct Door Jamb so we can provide you with the correct hardware and fasteners to mount to the specific frame

Lock Latch Position: Inside Door Latch

Door Lock Position

Note: The use of lock options is not advised when used in conjunction with any electric operation!!!!

External latch not recommended with chain hoist.

Electric Operator: No Motor

*If a motor is selected no lock or latch will be included with the door.

Door Operation


The Dominator EasyRoller features a slim profile, reliability, security and convenience.

The motor side is from the inside looking out. For use by qualified professionals only.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 600N DC Motor
  • Soft start / Soft close
  • Slim fit design
  • LED courtesy light
  • Intelligent safety system
  • Service indicator
  • Vacation mode
  • UL 325 approved
  • Warranty: operators come with a 5 year / 10,000 cycles on parts, 1 year on accessories

Insulation: No Insulation

*Insulation requires 2" more headroom for installation

Door Insulation

  • Please note that if you select Insulation the side draft will be included and 2" more headroom is required
  • Our Insulated Rolling Steel Doors combine energy efficiency with structural strength and durability. They provide the same benefits of our Hurricane Resistant Rolling Doors (Heavy Duty or Medium Duty) with the added benefit of keeping thermal loss to an absolute minimum.
  • Our Insulated Roll Up Doors are ideal in environments where you want to reduce air and sound infiltration.
  • Insulation is made of a foil-backed, dual-layer polyethylene air-bubble insulation secured in place with a strong adhesive and joined by mylar film to provide an R value of 4 (top draft stop and side draft stops are also included).
  • Insulation is not available if door is mounting on the outside of the building.

Header Seal: None

Header Seal Options

The header seal attaches directly to the header and extends up to 5" to the door curtain, forming an effective barrier

Side Brush Seal: None

Side Brush Seal

2" Polypropylene Side Brush Seal with Aluminum Retainer mounts on the side your frame work. The flexibility of the brush allows complete seal of the roll up door corrugation. Keeping out dust, air flow, pesky insect and rodents.

Hood: None

Hood Color: White


Recommended for exterior applications

  • Includes end caps, support bracket and fasteners for assembly. Hoods over 12’0 wide are manufactured as 2 pieces.
  • 20 Gauge glossy white hood for your selected opening
  • Hood requires an additional 2" of headroom and sideroom
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Model: 3100

Size: 16 0" wide X 8 0" high






Header Seal:

Side Brush Seal:


Hood Color:



* Estimated price is based on the least expensive option of the details provided thus far. Actual door pricing is wholly dependent upon size(s), quantity, options, and installation type.

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